Wajee Nature Park - Karibu



Wajee Nature Park is a bird conservancy and nature park located in Mukuruwe-ini in Central Kenya. It is set amidst the spectacular country between Mt. Kenya and the Aberdares and lies 160 Km north of Nairobi. The camp which covers 10 hectares of unspoilt natural forest was set aside for conservation by the late Reverend Wajee. It is home to two rare species: the Hindes Babbler and the side-striped jackal.

Wajee Nature Park is adorned with an array of flora and fauna. It is perfect for bird lovers, as it is home to many rare forest birds. An incredible 126 local species have been recorded in the park so you can expect to spot quite a few bird species during a visit. The availability of different tree species provides a home and breeding ground for many birds.


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